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Nov 15, 2012
Article #159
Author: Mel Jones



Moses and Jesus were playing golf and they had a third wheel playing with them.

Moses walks to the tee box - and being that's he a bit old swung and hit the ball. It headed straight to the lake in front of the green.  It landed in the fairway and rolled right at the lake at a great speed.  Moses then raised his club and the water parted and the ball rolled right up on the green. 

"Good trick there Moses." Jesus said. 

Jesus got on the T-box and being that he's a bit younger than Moses knocked that ball hard.  It too was headed right toward the lake, but this time it was going into the water. But it rolled on top of the water right on to the green. 

"Wow, not that was a miracle shot Jesus." Moses said. 

The third wheel gets up and he's a bit older than Moses and doesn't have a great swing. He hits the ball and it hits the top of the roof of a house about 100 yards out.  The ball rolls down the roof into the rain gutter and down the water spout. A squirrel thinking it is a nut runs and steals it.  Then a hawk sees the squirrel and swoops down to get the squirrel.  The hawk flies off and when he flies over the lake the squirrel drops the ball into the lake, but there is a frog right there who swallows it than swims and hopes onto the green to spit the ball right in the hole for a hole in one. 

Moses with a look of complete amazement in his eye, looks at Jesus and says "You know, I really don't like playing with your father!"

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