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Sell Your Restaurant Counseling Advise

Sep 13, 2018
Article #390
Author: Mel Jones

Counseling Advice


A marriage counselor somewhat new to the profession

is nervous about his upcoming session

with a couple that is seeking marital advice,

so he asks a more senior counselor

to sit in on the session.


The new counselor listens for awhile

and interacts to some extent to what has been

told to him during the session.


The more seasoned counselor suggests

that they all take a break

and that the two of them

step out for a

few suggestions.

The more senior counselor suggests,

"Cross your arms over your chest

and rub your chin with one hand.


Try saying things like,

"Yes, I see," and

"Yes, go on,"


"I understand."

The new marriage counselor crosses his arms,

rubs his chin with one hand and repeats

all the suggested remarks.


After the session the

older counselor says,


"Now, don't you think that's a little better

than slapping your knee and saying,

"No shit!

What happened next?

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