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41 Restaurants Sold Through August

Aug 20, 2018
Article #389
Author: Mel Jones is having a banner year with 41 restaurants sold through August with a 71% success rate! In other words, sells 71% of the restaurants and bars listed this year.'s success rate far exceeds any competitor's because focuses on doing the hard upfront work of researching, analyzing, gathering documents, performing quality valuation analyses, learning about the business's weakness and strengths, writing intelligent and well structured and written ads based upon well researched facts. After all that work, we then go to market, not a minute sooner. This helps our clients get top dollar for their restaurant. 

But what really sets us apart from our competitors is our first rate customer service.  Unlike other restaurant brokers who hand off the sales process to a person who knows little about the business being sold, a's broker is with the client from beginning to end, solving issues and moving the process forward. Our clients have one contact!  This is why our clients keep coming back to us. 

Give me a call directly...yes the CEO actually answer his own phone...Mel Jones 800.576.3615. 



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