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Jan 22, 2014
Article #238
Author: Peter S. Muffoletto, C.P.A.

A taxpayer undergoing an audit at an Internal Revenue Service office in Long Island successfully sued the IRS for after he was injured by tripping over a phone cord.

The taxpayer claimed in his lawsuit that he could no longer play golf or have sex with his wife more than once a month after he fell during an audit at an IRS office in New York.

The taxpayer visited the IRS offices to work out a payment agreement for a $60,000 tax bill when he tripped on the phone cord and fell against a cabinet.

He thereafter telephoned the IRS official he was working with from the parking lot to inform him that he had lost the sense of feeling in his leg and was suffering from shoulder pain. He thereafter spent 17 days in hospitals and rehabilitation centers recovering from his injury.

Attorneys for the IRS claimed he was exaggerating his injury but the judge awarded him $862,000 for pain and suffering for the $10 million dollar award he was seeking. 

As an added note he will not have to pay taxes on the damages as this was an award for personal injury which is not taxable.

This case begs several questions as to whether the $10 million claim was based more on the loss of golf, or the loss of having sex with his wife?

I have my own thoughts on that issue, being a golfer myself.

And lastly, he was getting sex with his wife prior to the injury more than once a month?


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