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SR Syndicates its Listings, Gaining Market Share!

Sep 6, 2010
Article #63
Author: Mel Jones

SellingRestaurants has syndicated its listings on three other websites gaining more eyeballs than any other broker with no broker even a close second!  Joining in the syndication are WABrokers and SellingStores.

With listing syndication, meaning being able to automatically have listings on SR appear on many other websites, we've increased our monthly unique visitors exposure to our products from 10,000 to 20,000! WOW! This syndication capability is only available to brokers using our technology through to operate their brokerage business and there is NO other way for a broker to get their listings on any of these websites!

Syndication will only increase our already successful sales rate, which sets the industry standard.  As of September 1, 2010, SR has sold 53 restaurants with 34 listing expiring, that's selling more than 60% of our listings.     

What this means to our client is increased exposure to their business; hence increasing the chances of selling it. What this means to our members is a greater selection of product with greater geographical reach. What this means to our competitors loss of business because frankly, they can't compete with us at any level of our business model.

The combination of intelligent and well trained agents with incredible technology leverage, puts SellingRestaurants light-years ahead of its competitors.

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